Wi-Fi Configuration Backup


Version control system for Meraki network. Creating configuration backups enables you to later restore a configuration. This is useful when you want to revert the equipment settings to an earlier configuration. You can perform the restoration as a single operation instead of manually reconfiguring each setting in the current configuration. You can either save backups on the server or export backups to an external host. When you commit changes, the equipment automatically saves a new version of the running configuration. Restoring a configuration is just as easy, click Backup Configuration, then click Restore Configuration.

Wi-Fi Configuration Backup is available for MR Series

Save time and effort with network backups. Launch an instant and reliable backup for your Wi-Fi configuration.

Store configuration data centrally. Organize configuration backups to enable quick and easy searches. Search for and locate a configuration file to restore.

Quickly recover from device or configuration failures. Reduce downtime by easily replacing a device configuration from the archives. Quickly recover from failed configuration changes by restoring a previous known good configuration.

Get alerts on errors. Monitor for failed backup, and execute corrective actions as required.