Webex Teams Alert BOT


Never miss a Meraki alert using VAPP BOT. Receive Meraki alerts as push notifications in real-time through your preferred collaboration tool, your Cisco Webex Teams account. Use all options available in the Meraki dashboard for email alerts to be sent in your BOT when certain network or device events occur. Very quick installation and easy to configure, just use your Webex Teams account to start using this BOT. Make Your Meraki notifications dynamic with Cisco Webex Teams.

Reduce the flood of unnecessary network alerts on your e-mail. You can configure alerts for all Cisco Meraki series and receive them centrally. Don’t lose any notification or spread them on your business e-mail.

Get the information you need and take action quickly. Network alerts are only as good as the information they provide. Simply alerting you to a down node will not help you take immediate action. Alerts will provide detailed information about the conditions that have been met so you know exactly where to start troubleshooting.

Receive network alerts when it matters most. It’s not useful receiving a critical alert at 3:00 a.m. if you are not reading your email. With this BOT you can easily specify a proper ring tone to your critical notifications.