®: managed services for the deployment, monitoring, compliance and governance of AI in critical processes.

Descrizione® is our platform for the deployment, governance, monitoring and lifecycle management of AI systems. It is indispensable for the management of our algorithms and open to third-party development systems (open source).® makes it possible to:
– DEPLOY MODELS. Take models to production with guaranteed cycle times, providing complete observability and traceability of models and data through time.
– MONITOR MODELS AND DATA. Identify anomalies in the data or during model execution and evaluate the actions needed to ensure model performance through time. Monitor performance and drift, and identify what data to collect to improve said performance following an active learning approach.
– GUARANTEE COMPLIANCE. Manage risks deriving from the adoption of automated decision systems by integrating AI solutions into operational processes ensuring traceability and interpretability.
– DEFINE ROAD TO PRODUCTION. Define the procedures for the adoption of AI systems in production, from validation to monitoring.® provides answers to the most frequent questions surrounding the use of AI systems in mission-critical processes:
– What model was being used for a given process at a given moment?
– What data are associated to high uncertainty?
– Is the model performing in a way that meets my expectations and can it be used in mission-critical processes?
– When did the model’s performance decline? What changed?
– How did the data used to train and validate the model evolve?
– What additional data should be gathered to improve performance?
– How can I validate a process managed by one or more AI subsystems?


AI, Data Analyitics, Industry 4.0, IoT


Automotive, Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities, Food & Beverage, GDO, Healthcare, Logistic & Transportation, Manufacturing, Pharma & Cosmetics, Telco & media