Concentration Map


Real-Time Location Insights. Get insights on your users concentration and movements by analysing their behaviours with the help of interactive maps. Concentration Map provides more comprehensive connections between data and location to help you understand data at finer detail. By bringing real-world context to your analysis, maps are unique in their ability to help you generate insights and make predictions that would not be possible using traditional tables and charts. A concentration map chart can be used to visualize how users aggregate in certain areas allowing for further analysis. Seeing and analyzing your business data in the context of its location can help you understand your business in new ways. Concentration Map is applicable to all types of industries. It’s also relevant to all functional units within an organization. It can be very useful, for example, for displaying in-store promotions based on location analytics.

Improving customer experience or targeted marketing. Combine geospatial location, ease of access, context and proximity to make relevant marketing offers or improve experiences. This enables marketers to proactively meet customer needs.

Improving safety. Whether it’s responding to emergency situations, offering services to employee or improving procedures, all organizations are candidates for location analytics based on this app.

Optimizing business processes. Adding the location context of assets – manufacturing, assembling, logistics, distribution and servicing – helps optimize businesses process and adds value for organizations.