At Orobix, we implement and manage the lifecycle of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. They can be newly designed or integrated into existing systems, spanning a wide range of industries from healthcare to manufacturing, from gaming to energy. We offer this service through Invariant.ai®, our deployment, monitoring and governance platform for AI systems. Invariant.ai® can reduce the time to value (TTV) of AI systems, maximize ROI, and guarantee conformity and reliability in all business contexts that involve artificial intelligence.

As an AI service company, we can accompany our clients throughout the entire AI lifecycle, end-to-end, from problem set-up to deployment and monitoring in production. We have learned from our extensive experience that this integrated approach ensures optimized timelines and a quick return on investment (ROI).
We use data to decipher reality, turn its complexity into new operational knowledge and technological solutions.
In 10 years working in the field and completing over 100 projects, we have designed AI-based solutions for our clients that allowed them to streamline QC operations on manufacturing lines, provide support for medical diagnoses, and optimize production processes. Our team of data scientists monitors the behavior of AI systems in real time through monitoring algorithms that assess reliability, safety and security during pre-deployment auditing as well as in process. Our clients can thus use AI in a way that is safe, reliable and constantly monitored, and fully leverage the potential of their data.

Op.pla is our innovative production planning system that makes it possible to encode constraints of real-world processes; check data quality automatically for errors, missing information and inconsistencies; and create optimized production schedules with delivery estimates that are updated in real time.


invariant.ai®: managed services for the deployment, monitoring, compliance and governance of AI in critical processes.

Op.pla: plan, optimize, and monitor production processes.


AI, Data Analyitics, Industry 4.0, IoT


Automotive, Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities, Food & Beverage, GDO, Healthcare, Logistic & Transportation, Manufacturing, Pharma & Cosmetics, Telco & media
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